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Historical Mitigation Effort
Glenn officials meet with Ohio SHPO at PSL
Meeting with Ohio SHPO

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires that Federal agencies document their historic facilities before any significant structural changes, demolitions, or relocations. NASA Glenn Research Center has a number of historic facilities, and some had to be demolished. The NASA Glenn History Program, Preservation Officer, and facility managers have worked with the Ohio State Historic Preservation Officer to develop strategies, budgets, and work plans to record the history of these facilities.

The effort strives to create a permanent documentary record for the facility, lessons learned insight for internal NASA use, increased public awareness of NASA Glenn contributions to society, educational resources, and a collected body of materials for future researchers. The Propulsion Systems Laboratory No. 1 and 2 project consists of two facets—the documentation and preservation of the facility’s history and the interpretation and dissemination of that information to the public.

     PSL Historical Mitigation Agreement (2007) (PDF, 256KB)
     ACHP Section 106 Process for PSL 1 and 2 (PDF, 544KB)
     Programmatic Agreement Among NASA, NCSHPOs, and ACHP (PDF, 180KB)

Documentation: The documentation includes the collection of documents from the Glenn Records Management holdings, the History Office archives, retirees, and other sources. It also includes the scanning and captioning of hundreds of negatives and the digitization of historic films. In addition, a thorough photographic survey and artistic rendering of the facility were performed. A large effort was undertaken to research the history of the facility through these records, existing reports, oral histories, and other sources.

Dissemination: The information collected is being distilled into several different products to be shared with the public and NASA employees. These include this Web site, Pursuit of Power: NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory No. 1 and 2 (NASA SP-2012-4548), a Historic American Engineering Report to be filed with the Ohio State Historic Preservation Office, and an exhibit display. See Publications page for additional information.