National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Technical Reports

Below are links to NACA and NASA technical reports related to tests in the Propulsion Systems Lab (PSL) No. 1 and 2.

Turbojet Report
Ramjet Report
Rocket Report
Turbofan Report
Turbojet Test Reports
     Altitude Investigation of J73-GE-1A Engine (PDF, 6.21MB)
     Altitude Performance of the J73-GE-1A (PDF, 2.21MB)
     Performance of YJ73-GE-3 Turbojet Engine (PDF, 2.86MB)
     Preliminary Performance Data for Variable-Ejector Assembly on XJ79-GE-1 (PDF, 3.99MB)

Ramjet Test Reports
     Investigation of Marquardt Shock-Positioning Control Unit (PDF, 1.24MB)
     48-inch Ramjet with Annular Can Flameholder (PDF, 1.62MB)
     Engine Dynamics and Controls for 48-inch Ramjet (PDF, 13.3MB)
     Pentaborane Fuel in a 48-inch Diameter Ramjet (PDF, 1.42MB)
     Dynamic Relations in a 48-inch Ram-Jet Engine (PDF, 2.63MB)
     Dynamics of a 28-inch Diameter Ramjet (PDF, 1.5MB)
     Marquardt Shock-Positioning Control Unit (PDF, 1.24MB)

Rocket Test Reports
     Performance of Apollo Storable Propellants (PDF, 2.39MB)
     Characteristics of Centaur Gimbal System Under Thrust Load (PDF, 1.15MB)
     Several Injector Face Baffle Configurations on Screech (PDF, 5.96MB)
     Effect of Propellant Injection Velocity on Screech (PDF, 1.60MB)

Turbofan Test Reports
     Inlet Temperature Distortion on Stall of J85-GE-13 (PDF, 24.7MB)
     Turbofan with and Without Inlet Flow Distortion (PDF, 12.5MB)
     Inducing Controlled Inlet Pressure Disturbances (PDF, 8.86MB)
     Air Jets as Steady-State Inlet Distortion Device (PDF, 18.9MB)