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Historical Documents

Below are digital versions of various historical documents related to the Propulsion Systems Laboratory. These include newspaper articles, correspondence, speeches, reports, and other documents.

Wasielewski Retirement
Full Scale Engine Research Inspection Talks
Design Report for RL-10-A-3-301
NASA-GE Quiet Engine A1
Meilander Incentive Award
New Building to House Library

PSL General Information
     New Altitude Test Facilities Aid Improvements of Turbojets (PDF, 352KB)
     PSL Operations Summary (1953-57) (PDF, 328KB)
     PSL Specifications (1957) (PDF, 7.45MB)
     Mothballing of PSL 1-2 (1979) (PDF, 232KB)
     Why Phase Out PSL (1978) (PDF, 220KB)

     New Lab to Expand Research articles (1949) (PDF, 360KB)
     Preliminary Proposal for PSL (1948) (PDF, 4.97MB)
     Wasielewski Retirement Article (1956) (PDF, 320KB)

Turbojets and Ramjets
     “Jet Engines for War” by Hugh Dryden (1951) (PDF, 1.55MB)
     Full Scale Engine Research Inspection Talks (1954) (PDF, 8.23MB)
     “Pushing Innovation and Industry Resistance,” Chapter 7 of Engines and Innovation
     Weapons Force Planning: Interceptor Missiles” by Richard F. McMullen (PDF, 100KB)
     Propulsion Research for Hypersonic Flight (1957) (PDF, 7.57MB)

     First Decade of Centaur article (1972) (PDF, 1.33MB)
     “Abe’s Baby,” Chapter 3 from Taming Liquid Hydrogen (PDF, 2.16MB)
     Design Report for RL-10-A-3-3 (PDF, 3.46MB)
     ASME Report on RL-10 (PDF, 1.81MB)

     “Down to Earth Problems,” Ch. 10 of Engines and Innovations
     F-100 Full Scale Engine Program article (PDF, 1.78MB)
     NASA/GE Quiet Engine “A” (PDF, 1.23MB)
     F100 Multivariable Control Synthesis Program (PDF, 3.66MB)
     Propulsion Controls, 1979 (PDF, 5.94MB)

PSL Staff
     Engine Research Division Reorganization (1951) (PDF, 1.85MB)
     Research Division article (1970) (PDF, 452KB)
     F14 and F15 Managers Visit (1970) (PDF, 512KB)
     Plant Engineers article (1973) (PDF, 512KB)
     Bud Meilander Incentive Award (1956) (PDF, 300KB)
     Fred Looft Retirement (1980) (PDF, 272KB)
     Carl Betz Retirement (1974) (PDF, 420KB)

PSL Support Buildings
     Equipment Building Explosion article (1971) (PDF, 512KB)
     1971 Bldg 64 Explosion Recertification Program article (1987) (PDF, 704KB)
     Cooling Tower and Pump House Floor Plan (PDF, 68KB)
     Exhauster Building Floor Plans (1956-62) (PDF, 752KB)
     Access Building Floor Plans 1956-67 (PDF, 416KB)
     New Building to House Library (1949) (PDF, 488KB)

Demolition and Mitigation
     Event Brochure (PDF, 236KB)
     Press Release (PDF, 16.0KB)
     Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act (PDF, 152KB)
     History of PSL No. 1 and 2 (PPT, 32.9MB)
     Demolition Plan and Environmental (PPT, 1.38MB)
     Impact Historical Mitigation Project (PPT, 2.13MB)
     PSL Historical Mitigation Agreement (2007) (PDF, 256KB)
     PSL Ohio Historic Inventory (1996) (PDF, 2.48MB)
     ACHP Section 106 Process for PSL 1 and 2 (PDF, 544KB)
     Programmatic Agreement Among NASA, NCSHPOs, and ACHP (PDF, 178KB)
     Requirements Document for PSL Demolition (PDF, 56.0KB)
     PSL Justification (PDF, 80.0KB)